Sierra Technical Services, Inc.

Our story began in 2006 when husband and wife team, Roger & Debra Hayes, founded Sierra Technical Services, Inc. (STS) in Mojave, California as a woman owned small business.

STS spent the “early” years providing Aerospace Engineering and 5-Axis CNC Composite Tooling design and manufacturing for local aerospace and automotive industry leaders.

In 2015, STS divested it’s 5-Axis CNC machinery and relocated to the Tehachapi Municipal Airport (KTSP) in Tehachapi, California to focus on aerospace engineering services and rapid prototype manufacturing as well as specialized test fixtures.

As our relationships and capabilities expanded, STS strategically reached out to select engineers and technician’s renown in the industry for their subject matter expertise. Many of these engineers worked previously with Roger on prestigious programs. Affectionately referred to as our “Grey-Beards”, these SME’s individually possess thirty to fifty years of invaluable experience in the design, manufacturing and testing of prototype aircraft.

In March 2017, STS was awarded a prime contract to Build, Integrate, and Test the Fifth Generation Aerial Target (5GAT) air vehicle based on U.S. Government Design Data. Scheduled delivery of the 1st demonstrator aircraft is planned 1st Quarter 2020.

In March 2017, STS was awarded a contract to manufacture a composite replacement wing for the U.S. Navy BQM-74E Subscale Aerial Target based on U.S. Government Design Data with the end user being the Naval Air Weapons Center Weapons Division (NAWCWD) located at Point Mugu, CA. Contract Completion Date December 2017.

Today, STS has approximately more than fifty full-time employees working several active programs to develop new aircraft concepts for a variety of customers.